We are a poultry feeds manufacturer for the past 25 years and are catering to the needs of farmers in the province of Sindh and Baluchistan.
Our production capacity is 4,000 Tons a month. We have our own godowns where we store all our ingredients of feed bought seasonally in bulk. Our plant is semi-automatic which is required to maintain quality and production efficiency. Our success is based on price stability and a team of professionally qualified veterinarians. We also provide our clients all the technical know-how from rearing to laying stage.

The ultimate objective of a feed miller is to provide a balanced diet for the birds at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved primarily by efficient purchasing of raw materials by substituting expensive grains with less expensive ones while maintaining the nutrient and energy levels required by the birds at different stages of their life cycle.
Carbohydrates are found in grains, which can be fed as whole or ground as meal. Grains used are corn, rice, wheat, sorghum and millets.
Soybean meal, canola meal and cotton seed meal are effective source of proteins which are extracted from plants while animal meal and fish meal are very rich in proteins and are extracted from animals. Animal meals should be used in a responsible manner as they are expensive and too much of it can cause serious side-effects to the birds.
Vitamins can be supplied by adding green plants to the feed or by adding commercially produced vitamins.
We at Buksh Feeds & Allied Products make sure that the feed produced is high in energy levels and at the lowest possible cost.

We are in the business of commercial layer farming for the past 30 years. We rear our own birds from day-old chicks which are fed on our feed, so the healthy birds produced healthy eggs. We have enough birds to produce/provide 100,000 eggs on a daily basis. We have been supplying farm fresh eggs to most big industrial consumers in Pakistan.

We also produce in-house Animal Protein Compound (APC) which fulfills all our APC requirements for Feeds manufacturing. In addition a by-product from this process is also produced known as 'Chicken Oil', which is consumed primarily by the soap manufacturers